Arijeet Bose

Brand Activation and
Event Management Specialist with 20 years of experience.

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I am a seasoned event manager and brand marketer with a deep passion for crafting remarkable experiences.

With a solid track record of over 20 years in the industry, I have successfully planned and executed a wide range of events and campaigns for clients spanning diverse industries.

Having spearheaded numerous brand launches and executed impactful marketing strategies, I possess a proven ability to enhance brand visibility and drive customer retention effectively.
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Strategic Event Planning

I specialize in strategic event planning, crafting and executing impactful experiences that align with clients' goals and objectives. With meticulous attention to detail and a focus on delivering exceptional results, I design immersive events that engage audiences, strengthen brand positioning, and drive desired outcomes. From corporate conferences to product launches, my expertise helps businesses leave a lasting impact, elevate their brand, and achieve event objectives with confidence.

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Campaign management

Brand Activation and Experiential Marketing

I specialize in brand activation and experiential marketing, creating immersive campaigns and activations that captivate audiences and forge memorable connections. By leveraging innovative strategies and creative concepts, I help businesses bring their brands to life through engaging experiences that leave a lasting impression. From interactive installations to captivating live events, my expertise in brand activation and experiential marketing helps businesses connect with their target audience, foster brand loyalty, and drive meaningful engagement.

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Brand consulting

Brand Strategy and Positioning

I have helped various brands as an event manager and marketer by integrating brand strategy and positioning into their events.

By crafting unique brand identities, aligning core values, and strategically positioning events, I ensure impactful experiences that drive business growth and foster strong customer connections.

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"Arijeet is an exceptional event manager and brand marketer. His attention to detail and strategic approach ensure flawless execution of every project.
Akshay Jain
Marketing Director, Amity University Jaipur
"I highly recommend Arijeet for his outstanding event management and brand marketing skills. His creativity, professionalism, and ability to lead teams make them a valuable asset. Arijeet's dedication and commitment to delivering exceptional results are truly impressive."
Saurabh Sharma
Head of Accounts , Touch Point, Amar Ujala
"Arijeet's expertise in event planning and brand marketing is unmatched. He brings a unique blend of creativity and strategic thinking to every project, resulting in impactful experiences for our audience. It has been a pleasure working with Arijeet, and I look forward to our future collaborations."
Puneet Bhasin
Senior Manager, ABP News

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What services do you provide as an event manager and brand marketer?

As an event manager and brand marketer, I offer a comprehensive range of services. These include event planning and execution, strategic brand positioning, creative direction, budgeting and negotiation, vendor management, and team leadership. I specialize in creating unforgettable experiences and impactful campaigns that help businesses increase their visibility, engage their target audience, and achieve their marketing goals.

What industries have you worked with in your 20 years of experience?

Over the course of my 20 years of experience, I have worked with diverse clients across various industries. These include but are not limited to fashion and beauty, technology, healthcare, hospitality, education, and entertainment. My extensive experience allows me to adapt to different industries and deliver tailored solutions that align with each client's specific needs and objectives.

Can you handle both small-scale and large-scale events?

Absolutely! I have a proven track record of successfully planning and executing events of all sizes. Whether it's an intimate corporate gathering, a product launch, a conference, or a large-scale festival, I have the expertise and resources to handle events of any scale. My meticulous attention to detail and strategic approach ensure that every event is flawlessly executed, regardless of its size.

How do you ensure the success of an event or marketing campaign?

I believe that success lies in meticulous planning, seamless execution, and effective communication. I start by thoroughly understanding the client's goals, target audience, and budget. From there, I develop a strategic plan, carefully select vendors and partners, manage logistics, and provide creative direction to ensure a cohesive brand experience. Throughout the process, I maintain open lines of communication with the client, keeping them informed and involved at every stage. This collaborative approach, combined with my expertise and attention to detail, ensures the success of each event or marketing campaign.